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Working toward a evidence based and validated kidney diet
Low protein diets and protein supplements are two sides of the same coin and cannot be separated.  Diets will make or break our success more than the protein supplement.  The reason is that we can negate the benefits of any protein supplement if our diet is flawed or incorrect.
Why do kidney patients take or need protein supplements?
Protein supplements are needed only when patients are on a low- or very low-protein diet. Low- or very low-protein diets are not safe over the long term without ensuring daily protein intake needs are met.  If you are on a...
I'm excited to try the cookbook
I kept searching and eventually came across my hero called Lee. I just couldn't believe what he was doing for everybody out of the goodness of his heart.
Educate yourself
Educate yourself, whether you buy Stopping Kidney Disease or Stopping Kidney Disease Food Guide, and no, I don't work for Lee Hall. 
I'm a huge fan of Lee Hull
I'm a huge fan of Lee Hull because he has saved my life. I went from a GFR of 38 that was continuing to descend, in a two month period..