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Simple, kidney patients with the highest magnesium levels( upper end of normal range) have the lowest odds of mortality and survival advantage based on current research.

Supplemental calcium is linked with an increase in heart disease and heart attacks. Supplemental calcium is not recommended by the National Kidney

Foundation(NKF) or the American Heart Association(AHA) if it can be avoided.

Albutrix S3 and S4 are the only keto acid analogs that allow patients to comply with 2020 recommendations and not be on a calcium-restricted diet. Patients should always take the keto acid analog with the lowest amount of calcium they can tolerate.
Calcium-based keto acid analogs that contain over 200 mg of calcium are typically only used by stage 5 patients. Over 20 countries restrict the use of calcium-based keto analogs to stage 5 patients only. Albutrix follows these guidelines as well. Albutrix S5 is only recommended for stage 5 patients. Other keto acid analogs may not carry warning labels and go against the advice of the NKF and AHA. Patients and caregivers should be aware of current recommendations.

We do not recommend going against the advice of the NKF or AHA. Magnesium intake is not restricted by the NKF or AHA, but calcium is.

No, when all of the costs are compared Albutrix is the lowest cost keto acid analog for most patients.
However, this may depend on your stage of kidney disease and the country you reside.

Albutrix ships free and Microtrix multivitamin also included for free, the total cost is $179.00.

Ketosteril is a drug available in some countries(not USA) and normally costs $400 or more per month if your GFR is greater than 20. Ketosteril and all high calcium keto acid analogs with more than 200 mg calcium in a daily serving are only for stage 5 patients. 20+ countries limit high calcium keto acid analogs to stage 5 patients only. We also comply with this guideline by labeling GFR with the appropriate Albutrix. If your GFR is 20 or less and if Ketosteril is available in your country, you may be able to get Ketosteril covered by insurance costs or other benefits. In this scenario, Ketosteril will likely be the cheapest keto acid analog. However, an extreme calcium restriction will be required to meet NKF and AHA recommendations.

Other keto acid analogs may cost less initially, but in the end are more expensive,are not recommended for stage 3 and 4 patients or go against NKF and AHA recommendation for supplemental calcium intake.

$149 product cost, $20 for a multivitamin and $15 for shipping totals $184.00.
The real price for comparison is $180 to $200 depending on shipping options and vitamins purchased.
Then there is the hidden cost of going against the most current and up to date NKF and AHA recommendations. The other cost is combining random products and expecting great results which wastes both your time and money.

Albutrix and Microtrix are made in the USA.
All of the ingredients in Albutrix are from Current Good Manufacturing Practice ( CGMP) sometimes referred to as “GMP” manufacturers. Each ingredient comes with a certificate of analysis(COA). Everyone involved from our production partners to our shipping partner is also registered with the F.D.A.. In addition to these procedures, we test the final product to ensure quality standards are met and maintained.

The best way to select is based on your magnesium levels from a recent blood test. If you are still unsure, then select the product with a lower amount of magnesium than your current GFR/eGFR. For example, if your GFR/eGFR is 40 and you have not had a recent blood test for magnesium levels, then you may want to choose Albutrix S4. After you have been tested, you can select the appropriate product.

Yes, the expectation is you will always want to take the product with the highest magnesium amount you can safely tolerate and the lowest calcium. As your kidney function changes over the years, it is expected that you will change products from time to time. This allows you to ensure protein nutrition while controlling magnesium and calcium intake.

In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990’s all kidney patients were told to limit magnesium. However, in 2021, we know this is no longer the case. Magnesium is good and supplemental calcium is bad for us. If anyone is recommending calcium over magnesium to you, the research is two to three decades old.
Research shows that patients can tolerate 360 to 720 mg of magnesium if the dosage is spread over time or time-released.

Large single doses of magnesium exceeding the recommended daily amount of 420 mg should be avoided by kidney patients. This includes laxatives and antacids that may contain 1,000 to 2,000 mg of magnesium in a single serving.

Albutrix S3 contains the highest amount of magnesium, at 360 mg for a daily serving. This is below the recommended daily amount(RDA) of 420 mg. Six pills are taken (two with each meal) equal 120 mg per serving. Large single doses of any vitamin or mineral should normally be avoided by kidney patients.
Patients should always choose the lowest calcium/highest magnesium keto acid analog they can safely tolerate. Stage 5 patients are the only patients for which a high calcium keto acid analog may be appropriate.

Albutrix was formulated to make it easy for patients, doctors, and caregivers to determine the proper dosage. Each pill is equal to approximately 5 grams of dietary protein. The normal recommendation is .8 grams of protein per kg per day. A 75 kg person would need 60 grams of protein per day. Assuming your dietary protein intake is 30 grams a day, the patient needs another 30 grams per day. 30 grams divided by 5 grams per pill equals 6 pills. It is recommended that you round up to ensure protein nutrition.

Albutrix is for patients on low or very low protein diets designed to slow kidney disease progression.   Patients who are not on a low protein diet do not need Albutrix.

No, Albutrix is a medical food. Medical foods are a special category of food designed to meet specific nutritional needs of a disease that diet alone cannot meet. In our case, our bodies have lost much of the ability to process the nitrogen and ammonia waste products from dietary protein.

Albutrix is registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a medical food product. Albutrix has been categorized as food in other countries as well.

Diabetic kidney patients face uphill battles with some keto acid analog powders. High glycemic index sweeteners like maltodextrin are often the number one ingredient. Albutrix does not contain these sugars and will not spike blood sugars like other keto acid analogs. My son is a Type 1 diabetic so we understand these issues well.

Other patients may not want to take insulin so a keto acid analog that does not spike blood sugars is very important.

Albutrix should be taken with meals, just like you would consume dietary protein. This gets us as close to our natural protein metabolism as possible. Albutrix can be taken on an empty stomach, but we feel the best practice is to consume it with meals.

Essential amino acids and keto acid analogs are naturally occurring in foods or our bodies. Keto acid analogs have been used in various capacities since the 1970s.

Patients should have their serum calcium and magnesium levels tested regularly. Hypermagnesemia and hypercalcemia are hypothetical risks. It is important to select the correct Albutrix product for your current stage of kidney disease and health. You can change Albutrix products as needed, based on your latest blood tests. If you experience magnesium or calcium levels above the normal range, you should switch to an Albutrix product with a lower amount of magnesium and or calcium.

There is no reason to take Albutrix in the recommended amount if you are not on a low-protein diet of some kind. Taking the recommended amount of Albutrix and consuming a high-protein diet will only put an extra workload on your kidneys with no benefit to you.

Several patents have been granted and or pending at this time. Albutrix is the first low nitrogen protein food to reduce nitrogen intake, reduce/eliminate supplemental calcium intake to safe levels while increasing magnesium intake.

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No. We offer Albutrix as a one-time purchase for $199.00 a month.

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