About Us

Innovation, education, and support for patients worldwide is our goal.

The idea is that “patient to patient” research, support and education is the fastest method to improve kidney patient care and treatment options.

"I believe we can do more for ourselves faster, better and cheaper". - Lee Hull

By focusing on patients first, we have accomplished the following in our first two years:

  • The largest, most complete guide for kidney patients with incurable kidney disease, the book “Stopping Kidney Disease.”
  • A first, in the development of Albutrix, which has the lowest nitrogen load of any protein food.
  • We were able to do this without requiring a prescription, so patients can access these products anywhere in the world.
  • Costs are 60% lower than comparable products in most countries.
  • Microtrix, the first low dose vitamin for kidney patients on low protein diets is now available.
  • We are documenting patient improvement after one year on the diet and Albutrix for evidence for a larger scale clinical trial.
  • We are working with patients in more than a dozen countries did not have access to the same educational and nutritional products as other patients.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and bring you the latest in Science and improved health for all kidney patients. 



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