Educate yourself


Hello. My name is Jason Wood. I have chronic kidney disease or CKD. I was first diagnosed, I'm not even sure if you'd call it a diagnosis, when I noticed that my lab values were out of the normal range when I got my lab test results in my early 50s, about nine years ago.

But the doctor never mentioned this and I've been doing a lot of reading online, going on forums, and a lot of people are in the same boat. The doctors never tell them they have chronic kidney disease because it's Stage 3 and a lot of doctors, most doctors don't worry about a person being in Stage 3 with CKD. And then on a whim, I decided to Google Stage 3 CKD mortality rate, something like that. And I found out that it's really a serious disease, far more serious than I suspected.

So, what did I do about it? I went online and started looking for resources, went on Amazon, started looking for books. I was looking for something up to date and something with really good reviews and something comprehensive and Lee Hall's book came out January 14, 2019. So, wow, this is great.

And the major changes that I made since I started reading it on February 1st, 2019, I pretty much went on Mr. Lee's eating program. I also started to exercise, which I had not been doing and I did give up all the bad stuff. I gave up all the meats and cheeses. I'm still eating a little bit of grain bread. And that was pretty difficult to give up at first. But then, I really didn't want to die early and that led to me feeling a lot better and it also caused me to ... right now, I lost about 35 pounds, so far.

So, on 12/28/18 my Bun was 26, my GFR was 44, which isn't horrible, but it's not exactly great. And that puts me in Stage 3B. Then I had my lab work done on 4/22/19 and my creatinine dropped to 1.37, my BUN, B-U-N to 13 and my GFR shot to 56, so it's back in Stage 3A. And it's technically four points away from Stage 2 because Stage 2 starts at 60.

And so to summarize, my bad GFR from my lab test was 12/28/18, I read Mr. Hall's book late January. I started the program on 2/1/19 and then my GFR went up to 56 and my creatinine was 1.37. Now interestingly enough, I was doing the Stopping Kidney Disease, CKD diet at about what I would say the 85 to 90% level because I was doing a couple of tiny cheats just to keep me going. For example, like as mentioned before, a little bit of bread. So, the point I'm trying to make is the diet is so effective that even if you don't do it at 100%, you will get great results.

Educate yourself, whether you buy Stopping Kidney Disease or Stopping Kidney Disease Food Guide, and no, I don't work for Lee Hall. Educate yourself. Chapters one through 33 deal with all the factors, all the causes. It explains what chronic kidney disease is. Now, chapters 34 through 40 are actually the Stopping Kidney Disease, CKD diet to help you. So, you read chapters 34 through 40 you'll be more educated in nutrition than most Nephrologists, oh, that's the fancy word for kidney doctors, because they're not into nutrition. Pick up, a good book, and educate yourself and it will be worth your time.