Albutrix S5 + Microtrix Multivitamin
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Albutrix S5 + Microtrix Multivitamin Ingredients

Albutrix S5 + Microtix Multivitamin

Albutrix S5 (Stage 5) is a protein source specially formulated for the special nutritional needs of patients with a GFR/EGFR less than 15 and to follow current guidance to limit supplemental calcium intake for kidney patients.

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Albutrix S3 and Microtrix low dose multivitamin are part of an integrated dietary approach that combines world's best guidance, clinical studies and a money back guarantee for the best technology.
The Kidneyhood program includes Albutrix, Microtrix and our dietary approach

Follows Latest Guidance and Recommendations

The approach of a very low protein diet with a protein supplemented from a keto acid analog, like Albutrix, follows the current recommendations from:

  • 2020 Kidney Disease Initiative Quality Outcomes (KDOQI), a joint recommendation from the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • 2024 Kidney Disease improving Global outcomes (KDIGO) update on best practices for kidney disease patients.
  • The integrated combination of the very low protein diet, Albutrix and Microtrix was proven effective in clinical studies
  • When you use our books and products, you have the confidence that are also following current guidance* from the largest, most reputable kidney related organizations and using a clinically proven approach.

Compare Albutrix to Other Protein Sources Designed for Kidney Patients

Albutrix S5 Other Protein Source
for Kidney Patients

Guaranteed to the the lowest in nitrogen content

Guaranteed to contain the highest magnesium

Guaranteed to have the lowest calcium content

Integrated with dietary intake to achieve RDA's each essential amino acid

Allows less restrictive diet due to lower nitrogen content

Complies with guidance to reduce or eliminate supplemental calcium intake

Money back guarantee

Free email and phone support

Part of a clinically proven dietary approach to kidney disease management

Free multivitamin provided with every Albutrix purchase

Microtrix Multivitamin Included With Every Albutrix Order

Microtrix, is the first and only multivitamin for kidney patients on a low protein diet. Microtrix provides any shortfalls in the RDA so that long term nutritional safety is assured. All diets run the risk of malnutrition or overnutrition (getting too much of something). Both of these are harmful to kidney patients. Microtrix also provide vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is associated with calcium regulation and reduced vascular calcification.

Microtrix is included FREE with every Albutrix order to ensure all nutrition guidelines are met.

Guaranteed to be the Best

  • Albutrix S3, S4 and S5 are guaranteed to contain the lowest nitrogen content of any keto acid analog or a protein supplement for kidney patients.
  • Albutrix S3 and S4 are guaranteed to contain the lowest supplement calcium of any keto acid analog for kidney patients.
  • Albutrix S3 and S4 are guaranteed to contain the highest amount of magnesium of any keto acid analog for kidney patients.

FDA-Registered & USA Made

All products are made in the USA in FDA-registered facilities. Every lot/batch is tested before it is released to customers.

Still Have Questions? 
*Any results or information have not been evaluated by the FDA and improvements will vary on dietary compliance, use of Albutrix and Microtrix and patients overall health.