What Is KidneyHood.org

Kidneyhood.org is a social benefit company. A social benefit company is allowed to put people or causes ahead of profits. I feel we are a brotherhood and sisterhood of patients with incurable kidney disease and we need to build a neighborhood or community to support and advocate for us.

Innovation, education, and support for patients worldwide is our goal. We can do more for ourselves faster, better and cheaper than large companies who focus on profits, not people.

The idea is that “patient to patient” research, support and education is the fastest method to improve kidney patient care and treatment options.

By focusing on patients first, we have accomplished the following in the first 12 months:

  1. The largest, most complete guide for kidney patients with incurable kidney disease, the book “Stopping Kidney Disease.”
  2. A first, in the development of Albutrix, which has the lowest nitrogen load of any protein food.
  3. We were able to do this without requiring a prescription, so patients can access these products anywhere in the world.
  4. Costs are 60% lower than comparable products in most countries.
  5. Two clinical trials in the first year, one animal and one human.