Success Stories

Hear from other patients how changing to a precision nutrition approach improved their numbers

Melinda's Story

Melinda is a registered nurse and a double lung transplant recipient. She also wanted to avoid dialysis. Melinda's story is very inspiring as she has successfully dealt with multiple health issues. She also has some great advice for all of us.


The education of Jim and his Doctor (GFR 11-19)

John's Story

John was an Air Force Pilot and a motorcycle racer. He is determined to stay active as long as he can even with chronic kidney disease. His improvements are a lesson for all of us.

Jennifer's Story about a 20% improvement in GFR

David's experience with Dialysis and message to kidney patients.

David's mother was on dialysis then he was diagnosed with kidney disease. Find out what David did to improve this kidney function.

Liz's story about improving her GFR

Liz from down under was nice enough to share her experiences as a kidney patient and how she improved her GFR.

Patient success story from stage 4 to 3

Jason's progress report GFR 44 to 56

Stopping kidney disease, patient review

Kidney patient review of "Stopping Kidney Disease" book

Kidney patient's comments on "Stopping Kidney Disease" book