The only low dose multivitamin in the world for kidney patients on a low or very low protein diet.

All past multivitamins were formulated for patients on dialysis and contain high amounts of vitamins (up to 600% of the RDA).  This approach is not recommended by any country or organization in the world for patients who are not on dialysis, not one.   Patients who are not on dialysis should not be taking large doses of vitamins and minerals. 

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The reason is vitamin intake over the RDA has no benefits and only risks for kidney patients. Excess B vitamin intake has been linked to kidney disease progression. Excess calcium intake has been linked to accelerated heart disease progression.  High dose vitamin D may also damage kidneys.

Microtrix is formulated to address any deficiencies in the Stopping Kidney DIsease diet so nutrition is assured and all recommended daily amounts(RDA).  In real life, vitamins for kidney patients can only be formulated after dietary intake is calculated. 

Low dose vitamins that provide what is missing in your diet is the only logical approach and the only approach recommended for patients who are not on dialysis.