Life on Dialysis: A Patient and Family Guide to Staying Healthy on Dialysis

Life on Dialysis: A Patient and Family Guide to Staying Healthy on Dialysis

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Many patients have concerns, fears and questions about dialysis or the prospect of future dialysis. Dr. Fahad Aziz along with Dr. Ali Gardezi and Dr. Tripti Singh explains dialysis basics, procedures, options and how to stay healthy while on dialysis.

The patient guide is full of illustrations and examples to help patients better understand how dialysis works, effects on the body and even future technologies which may replace dialysis in the future.

This is Dr. Fahad Aziz second book for kidney disease patients, his first book was:
Kidney Failure to Kidney Transplantation: A Patient guide

About the author:

Dr. Fahad Aziz, MD, FASN, serves as a faculty member in the Division of Nephrology at the Department of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin. His clinical practice encompasses the comprehensive care of individuals suffering from a broad spectrum of kidney-related health issues, including those who have undergone kidney transplant. At the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Aziz leads the Nephrology Fellowship Program, showcasing his commitment to advancing the field through education and mentorship.

His expertise is recognized through his active membership in the American College of Physicians, the American Society of Nephrology (ASN), and the American Society of Transplantation (AST).

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