There was hope on the horizon


Okay, well, my name is Jennifer. I was first diagnosed with stage three kidney disease about 20 years ago. However, at the end of 2018, my disease had progressed to stage five. I was very downhearted and I prayed and asked God for a miracle. Soon after praying, I was led to an announcement of the coming new release, Stopping Kidney Disease. I was just like hit. All of a sudden, there was hope on the horizon.

As I read the chapters, the first thing I did was I stopped dairy completely and then I began to choose foods from his 50 best foods for kidney patients. Initially, in the beginning, the early months, January, February, March of this year, I reduced red meat, pork, chicken and seafood. Then I got my first labs. I began to see the results almost immediately. I had lost 25 pounds with no effort. I reduced my water retention over my body. I had been sleeping better and having more energy. People in my life were saying that I was looked happier and nicer to be round. Then my digestive system began to work really well, which has been a problem for a couple of years. My cholesterol dropped 20 points.

I was so encouraged by these changes that I reached out to Mr. Hall. We set up a consultation and the consultation was May 1st. His encouragement inspired me to go the distance. When I was declining at my worst, my GFR was 13. My most recent labs, my GFR is 16. I had a little celebration party.

I purchased the Stopping Kidney Disease Cookbook and then I picked some recipes that I could live with and I make them over and over again. Every time I eliminated something, I brought something in that I could substitute and live with.

I began [Albuterex 00:02:25] when it first was released. Before Albuterex, I just really couldn't get 100% satisfied. After my first dose or my first serving of Albuterex, the cravings went away immediately.

This regimen has been most challenging, but I love life and I don't want to be sick and I can't afford to be sick. If you're there and you're watching this, I just want to encourage you. What have you got to lose by trying this change in lifestyle and eating habits? Don't try to do it all at once. Small changes over time make a big difference.

This quote from Mr. Hall is the funniest quote, and he said, "This diet is like juggling while riding a unicycle on a tight rope over a shark tank." Every time I get frustrated, I have that image engrafted in my mind. It encourages me just on a daily basis. I am really grateful for the time and effort he and his team have put into this research. I feel like it's going to save my life and I am just so grateful for that.