Participate in Our Research Study

We need participants for our study.

Please join us in this important research (plus you'll get a $100 gift card).

We are looking to determine the results that customers have gotten after following the Stopping Kidney Disease diet and taking Albutrix / Microtrix, and asking for customer feedback on how we can improve.

Want to participate? Email Toni at or call 800-441-1045.

Here’s a quick video from Toni, providing a bit more detail about how the study works, for those who are interested and eligible to participate:

Dr. Baran Erdik is our Principal Investigator, and he will oversee the study.

We have a few others on our team as well, coordinating the day to day aspects of the study and analyzing the data. Rest assured that our team is experienced in conducting these types of studies and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure our study procedures and platform is HIPAA-compliant, meaning that your data is secure and everything will be kept confidential.

Participants will be assigned an identification number, and all results will be reported in aggregate, with no identifying information being shared. 

It should take less than thirty (30) minutes to participate in this study. In exchange for your time completing the survey and submitting your lab reports, we will send a $100 Visa gift card to you. 
To see if you’re eligible, or if you have any questions, please email Toni at or call 800-441-1045.

Thank you,

Lee Hull